Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Ugly Couch

Exhibit A: Extremely ugly beige corduroy IKEA couch that has lost the stiffness in its cushions.

Now, I couldn't really do anything about the limp cushions, but....

Add eight packages of pearl grey RIT dye, and you get....

Exhibit B!

Cuter grey couch!

Oddly approves.

I'd never dyed anything quite so large, and I learned a few things:
  • Do it in smaller batches in the washing machine. I split the cushion slipcovers into two parts and did them in a couple of batches.
  • Before the washing machine drains, set the dial back to the beginning and run it through again for a deeper colour. That way the fabric spends more time in the dye solution.
  • Run your washing machine through with bleach TWICE afterwards. I did it once and then washed something and the water was grey.
Sorry about the crappy photo quality - I only had my cell phone.
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