Thursday, May 20, 2010

Before & After: Message Board

Spray Paint is a girl's best friend. (Actually! I have really no desire for a diamond ring. I'd rather have, say, a really nice couch. Seriously!)

I found this message board for $3 at Value Village. I did really like the decals and the kitchyness of it, but I I really wanted something a bit more personalized and streamlined. So armed with a can of spray paint, a scrap of Anna Maria Horner fabric, and some scrapbooking sticker letters, I DIY'd this baby!

All I did was lightly sand the wood, tape over the chalkboard and bulletin board and spray paint it. Then I glued a scrap of the fabric over the bulletin board, and applied the sticker letters. Easy as can be! I hung it above my computer so I can use it for a space to sort mail and post important stuff. The hooks are a handy place to hang all those various cords that seem to clutter up a computer area.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Dream House

It's been a bit tough to wrap my head around having a blog. I am a busy teacher, and finding time (and energy) to photograph my projects and write entries about them is something I'm not used to yet.

So I'm not going to write an entry about a project, I'm just going to link some photos from one of the amazing Sneak Peaks at Design*Sponge, the first design blog I started to read and still my all-time favourite.

Like I've said before, I love colour, and Kristen Voortman's house uses it in such a pretty and fun way!

 The Design*Sponge sneak peak is just so inspiring! I want wallpaper like that!!!

Sooooooooo cute!!!!
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