Saturday, November 20, 2010



I’ve been seeing a lot of really awesome stuff around the web lately, and so I thought I would make a little wish list of some of the things I would love! Maybe you would too!

Love this birch lamp by Catherine Kullberg. I’d love to put this in my dining room! Lighting is at the top of my list of things I want to change about my home. I have those standard suburban boob lights everywhere and I hate them.

And maybe this one in the living room or hall? Blazon Cleam Pendant from Anthropologie.

This cork basket is really cute. It would suit the kinda woodland theme I’ve got going on in my house.

I would love an Eames rocking chair. But I’ll take a knock-off.

Tightrope Coffee Table! I saw it in the Anthropologie in Edmonton and it was awesome! I think I’d use it as a bench!

With this cushion:

The hippity-hop lamp is so so cute! It kind of reminds me of Jonathan Adler.

I want to wallpaper my kitchen and maybe my downstairs bathroom. I’d love this one, Woods, from Ferm Living.

Or Eiffinger. Oh lord! I love them Dutchies!

The one above is called Pip, Early Bird.

Hygge and West’s Wilderness Wallpaper in White.

This one’s neat! You can peel it off when you don’t want it! Edie Wallpaper:

I would really like a new duvet set for my newly redesigned bedroom.

I like this Peacock one from Dwell Studio:

Or this Chinoiserie one:

Or this Draper Stripe one:

Speaking of beds, I need a new one. So if someone wants to get me a new mattress + bed for Christmas, that would be great. kthxbye.

Oooh, and ask long as I’m asking for things I need, a new vacuum would be great. Mine is busted. I’d like a Dyson, please. The animal one.

Art! I need more art!

Anything with an animal on it! Yesss. Like a fox. Fox Confessor by Lindsey Carr:

Or a whale, maybe. Devil by Jen Lobo.

I really want a Sharon Montrose print. Seems like I’m on a fox kick because this baby fox is adorable!

And anyone who knows me knows that I adore donkeys.

And the ears!!!!

Loooove Jen Renninger’s prints!

I might do a part 2 for clothing and such, but for sure I wanted to end with these pairs of Toms! Love these!!!

Herringbone gold!

Silver Moroccos.

Blue green linen.

That’s all for now! It’s quite interesting when one starts compiling a list like this, to see what my current style is. It really does seem to have a point of view to it, I think. Interesting.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Side Chignon

Surely you've seen this lovely side chignon by now? It's been making the blog rounds this week.

From Martha Stewart Weddings.
P.S. Isn't her hair colour glorious? I've been toying with the idea of dying my hair red lately. Which is weird, since I haven't dyed my hair in probably five or more years.

Anyway, I decided to give the side chignon a go today. Here's the results:

See Hector over there? He likes my bedside table.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Bedroom Redesign

Remember those great finds I got at the thrift store awhile ago? I've already showed you what I did with the coffee table, but I haven't posted about the side tables yet. Here's a reminder about what they looked like before:

The tables had a nice mid-century modern vibe to them, but they were scratched and in bad shape. So out came the (eco)paint stripper! I stripped and stripped and stripped some more. And then I painted and painted and painted and stained. I am so so so pleased with the results.

I wallpapered the inside of the drawers, too.

But after I finished the side tables and got them in my room I just wasn't happy with the room! You know how when you start to improve one thing, and then everything else looks bad? Yeah.

I hadn't touched my bedroom since I moved in last summer. Here's what it looked like just after I moved in:

There's that same Swiss Coffee colour on the walls that was everywhere else in the house.

So I was considering what colour to paint the walls. And now that I had those nice bright side tables, I wanted something more neutral as a backdrop. I've always admired the look of white walls with pops of colour in the accessories. Case in point:

From here.
So I decided to give white a go. But plain white was just a bit too blah for me, so I decided to paint the trim black. I'd seen that look on lots of blogs I frequent, and really liked it.


From Elle Decor via Design Crisis.
From DecorPad via Shelterpop.
From Roman+Williams via Shelterpop.

So I went for it.

White walls. Since the "Before" photos of the room, I got a new duvet cover at Ikea, but since the redesign, I'd love to get something different.

And I was also inspired by the black and white and gold trend. So I got some gold leaf and gold leafed one panel on the door. P.S. If you want to make hollow core doors look halfway nice, paint them! They're easy to paint and I love the black 28047329847982734 times more than I did the white. The white looked cheap to me.

See? 28047329847982734 times better.

Also, as you can see above, I added a little pop of colour by painting the edge of the door pink. Whyever not???

I spray painted my vanity table gold, too. That took a beelion coats.

And Hector the Neon Owl looks right at home there on the sidetable. And the pretty mirror I found at the thrift store found a home above my bed!

Aren't those pretty dot borders and the collages pretty rad? I found this free program, PhotoScape through Chez Larsson. It lets you edit photos easily and add effects and frames, and create collages, but is way easier than Photoshop.

Anyway. New bedding and area rugs would be a nice addition to my room, but as it stands, I'm pretty happy with it.

P.S. Paint colours are "Decorator's White" from Benjamin Moore on the walls, "Citron" by Benjamin Moore for the side tables (in high gloss wood paint), "Francesca" by Martha Stewart for the trim, and "Raspberry Blush" by Benjamin Moore for the little strip of pink on the door.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Hector the Owl

It's been awhile! I've been working on my bedroom redesign, which will hold the side tables from this post. I know I've been dragging my heels on that one, but life has gotten in the way. My sister and I went home to visit our parents last weekend, and then this weekend we had our 11- and 13-year old cousins come over for a super mega sleepover. So I've been busy!

I've been working on my room evenings, though, and the reveal is coming soon!!!

In the meantime, let me show you this owl I found at the thrift store!!

Here he is before:

So then I decided to spray paint him, because his eyes were a bit creepy. Selby and I named him Hector.

But in orange he looked a bit scary. So I got some pink.

I like him. Selby doesn't. But I do. And it's my bedroom he's going to end up in! So there!
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