Monday, October 25, 2010

Hector the Owl

It's been awhile! I've been working on my bedroom redesign, which will hold the side tables from this post. I know I've been dragging my heels on that one, but life has gotten in the way. My sister and I went home to visit our parents last weekend, and then this weekend we had our 11- and 13-year old cousins come over for a super mega sleepover. So I've been busy!

I've been working on my room evenings, though, and the reveal is coming soon!!!

In the meantime, let me show you this owl I found at the thrift store!!

Here he is before:

So then I decided to spray paint him, because his eyes were a bit creepy. Selby and I named him Hector.

But in orange he looked a bit scary. So I got some pink.

I like him. Selby doesn't. But I do. And it's my bedroom he's going to end up in! So there!


  1. That is one f-ing neon owl. It's your bedroom, so don't listen to anyone else. You love him. He's yours.

  2. Yeah! Neon owls rocks!!! I *do* love him!!!!

  3. Hmmmmm, well, uuuhhhhhh, ummmmmmmmm.....He's too pink.
    He's kind of scary!


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