Monday, March 22, 2010


I was trying to remember the website of Emersonmade for a few days and couldn't figure it out because I hadn't bookmarked it!

How do you suppose they make them?

I want to figure out how to emulate them! They are so cool!!! I wonder what kind of fabric they use and how to make the petals come into the centre.

Thank goodness for my favourite blog, design*sponge! They did one of their famous sneak peaks on Emerson and Ryan's house today. I love the sneak peaks!

This is, like, my dream house. Excuse the 13-year-old girl talk (I have a girl in my class, like, who uses the word, like, like every second word)

Oh my! What I wouldn't give for a big room and a table like that!

Holy heck! Can you imagine a pantry like this one?!?!?!

I wish I had a big ole kitchen sink like this one. 
And open shelves, too, though I'm sure I'm too cluttery for that.
And that ceiling lamp!!!!!

And romantically, I wish I had chickens, but I think they would be stinky and gross and I probably wouldn't like them.

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