Sunday, April 25, 2010

Raspberry Blush!

I had good intentions with this blog, and wanted to make an effort to post every day. And then report cards came along. I have a feeling that the majority of posts and content is going to be added to this blog in the summer months, when I'm off school. (P.S. Isn't that drop cap awesome??? I got it from Daily Drop Cap!)

Anyway, I finished writing my report cards about half an hour ago, and so here I am!

Even though I couldn't manage to find time to write a blog entry, I still read them. And this week I found what colour I want to paint my bedroom!! It's called Raspberry Blush from Benjamin Moore from this post on Apartment Therapy, and I just love this colour, how it's sort of a cross between red and orange and coral and pink. It's so cheerful!

 Don't you love that last one? I would love to have a marble sink with two mirrored closets on either side!!!

Right now my bedroom is boring old "Swiss Cafe," the very neutral colour that they painted the house when they first built it. As you can probably tell already, I am not a neutral kind of girl.

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