Thursday, May 20, 2010

Before & After: Message Board

Spray Paint is a girl's best friend. (Actually! I have really no desire for a diamond ring. I'd rather have, say, a really nice couch. Seriously!)

I found this message board for $3 at Value Village. I did really like the decals and the kitchyness of it, but I I really wanted something a bit more personalized and streamlined. So armed with a can of spray paint, a scrap of Anna Maria Horner fabric, and some scrapbooking sticker letters, I DIY'd this baby!

All I did was lightly sand the wood, tape over the chalkboard and bulletin board and spray paint it. Then I glued a scrap of the fabric over the bulletin board, and applied the sticker letters. Easy as can be! I hung it above my computer so I can use it for a space to sort mail and post important stuff. The hooks are a handy place to hang all those various cords that seem to clutter up a computer area.

1 comment:

  1. I like it! Good job buddy! My inner Martha approves! Hope you're feeling better and have a good trip back home although one of these days we're making a road trip to come visit the farm!


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