Thursday, May 5, 2011

Make It Calgary; She's So

Have you seen this, feathers in hair trend? I've been sporting feathered hair clips for years now, but I recently just saw these feathered hair extensions a week ago at my hairstylist's. The ones she showed me were clamped in by heat, but at Make It Calgary, I found some sold by a vendor called She's So that offered a couple of options: 1) You clamp the feathers to your hair and they stay in for a month, or 2) you clip in a  clip like the kind on temporary hair extensions that you can take out whenever you want. I opted for the second option.

Here I am with them clipped in.
 The one I got has red, turquoise, and yellow.

I recently gave myself a lil makeover: red hair courtesy of the aforementioned hairdresser, and Ray Ban glasses.

I love them! The way I clipped them in, they were really subtle, and you couldn't really see them unless I swished my hair back.


  1. That clip looks awesome. I need to track one down!
    Pretty blog :)

  2. Aren't they neat?!

    Thank you! <3


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