Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Be Less Lazy: Printing Press Storage

This project was actually completed a while ago, but I forgot to post about it. Short and simple!

I bought a printing press drawer at an antique shop for $30. I then mounted it on the wall, and it made a brilliant place to store earrings and other small jewellery.

P.S. Funny story: I wore that bow tie on the day of our school photos this year. The photographer looked at me, and said, rather condescendingly, "We're not doing silly photos this year." I blinked at her, and finally said, "This is my outfit." She mumbled her apologies and quickly took the photo.


  1. This is SO weird. I have a printing press drawer in the basement and I've been meaning to put it up - I was going to hang it from chains from the ceiling next to the wall. I have nicknacks I want to display in the slots. Maybe I'll do it now!

  2. DO IT NOWWWW!!!! Just kidding. But seriously! It's a great way to display those teeny little things!

  3. Yep. Gonna do it. As soon as I can get to the Co-Op and buy some chain.


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