Sunday, March 11, 2012

Spring Freshening Up: Living Room

The weather here is so beautiful this weekend! I have my windows flung open (the cats are happy!) and the melting snow and warm sunshine are making me think of spring.

And, for the first weekend in a really long time, I had absolutely no obligations and could spend my time doing whatever I wanted. Report cards are done, so now I can have some relazing time for me.

So I decided to bring some spring to my living room. I made some new pillow covers and some new curtains and decluttered. And put together a nice little grape hyacinth planter for the coffee table!

My favourite fabric is the kind of tie-dyed looking one.
It reminds me of the night sky.
I love the curtain fabric, too. The grey part is velvet.

Aren't these vintage berry containers darling? I foudn them in an antique store a couple of weeks ago.

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