Sunday, July 11, 2010

Pantry Reorganization

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I got a new kitten. She just typed that, above. Here she is!

She's pretty cute, huh? Her name is Oddly, after a character in a book my sister and I both adore.

Anyway, moving on. I posted before about Emersonmade's house, and specifically about their amazing pantry:
Well, in my condo I am not blessed with such a huge pantry, and mine is about one can-width wide. But I do what I can with what I can. I took off the little folding door and left it open, then papered the back with some pieces of shelf-liner paper. And repackaged a bunch of stuff in glass jars from Ikea.

The flours and sugar are in those bins at the bottom. They obviously don't fit very well, so I'm not sure if I'll move them or not.

I just used scrapbooking labels for the labels.

And there you have it! Oddly wants to type again so I think I'll leave it there before she deletes this post!


  1. So adorable. Fellow Canadian here, and my husband teaches gr. 7/8 here in Kingston.
    Happy Holidays for the summer - we are just taking off with our children for a road trip Lake Superior/Michigan and ending up in Minneapolis to see some family.
    Check out my blog and you'll see our cat on a post a couple of weeks ago...scroll scroll. They look alike.

  2. Oddly is a fantastic name. I'm so impressed with your pantry. I dream of being that organized! Great idea for your condo.

  3. Being off for the summer (as I am a teacher), my goal is to get some stuff done that I've wanted to all year but haven't had the energy or inclination to work on them during the school year. The pantry was one of those things. Next project: desk!


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