Monday, April 4, 2011

DIY Anthropologie-inspired Skirt

I'm on a creating roll! The reason is because I was just on spring break and had lots of time to make stuff. My first day back at school is today, though, so it'll be back to my regular schedule. I wish I had endless time and energy to create.

So we're back on the Anthro and patchwork train for this one!

I was in Anthropologie a couple of weeks ago and tried on this skirt:

It was lovely, but at $100 I thought I could totally recreate it myself for much, much less.

After a trip to the fabric store for a few half-metres of some fabric and scrounging my stash that I already had, I came up with this:

The fabric cost about $10, and the belt is from Forever 21 and I think it was about $8.

Even though we got about a foot of snow on Saturday, I am wearing this skirt today to help bring on spring!

Basically I just patchworked all the pices together and then followed the same procedure as this elastic-waist skirt.

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