Thursday, April 21, 2011


My vacuum's name was Bumblebee because he was a yellow cannister vacuum. But Bumblebee died. His carpet attachment stopped working, and it would have been $200 to fix it. I thought it would be better just to buy a new one.

I wanted a dyson, but surely couldn't buy one for $200. Thankfully, my mom stepped in! She said she'd pay for half as a belated birthday gift (My birthday was in January, but we hadn't celebrated).

So I bought a Dyson! We named him Opti, which is short for Optimus Prime, because of the whole Transformer's theme with Bumblebee, and I am so so so glad I spent the extra money and bought it.

The Dyson really IS worth the extra. It's amazing. It is so much more powerful than a normal vacuum. I would highly highly recommend it!

Tell me: do you name your appliances and electronics?

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