Thursday, August 12, 2010


Somehow (maybe Google Alerts?), Anthony Burrill found my post and offered to donate the posters I blogged about in my previous post for my classroom!

Isn't that ridiculously generous?!?! I mean, I'm a stranger. He doesn't know me. He just wants to help me inspire my students. Wow.

Gosh, I am just so amazed at the kindness people have within them. Truly, Anthony must follow his own advice and "work hard and be nice to people!" This has really inspired me to try my best to give to others. My friend did a 29 day giving challenge awhile ago, and Anthony's gift reminded me how important it is to give to others, especially strangers. I'm going to try to give, give, give over the next little while, and I'll report back the results if anything interesting happens.

If you like graphic artwork, with and without type, you should definitely check out Anthony Burrill's website. He rocks. :)


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