Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Ruffled Scarf

I saw this tutorial on Craftzine yesterday, and thought that this would a chic, easy, and CHEAP way to bring some colour to my back-to-school wardrobe.

So I went to the fabric store and got a half-metre of  a couple of different fabrics, as well as some elastic thread. (Oh gosh, can I just say how much I love elastic thread?!! I can imagine so many different applications!)

The first fabric jumped out at me because of this whole dip dye craze that seems to be going around right now. Thanks, Martha!

From here.

Okay, so this fabric's gradient only went from light to dark (like, for example, the red and white piece above), so I decided to cut the piece in half, and sew it together so the darker piece came at both ends of the scarf. I sewed a french seam so the place where the two pieces of fabric were sewed together wasn't so noticeable.

I was a bit worried about this fabric because it wasn't stretchy like the jersey fabric used in the Craftzine tutorial, but it worked fine. I did have to hem the edges of the scarf, which don't look too awesome, but because of the ruffliness (according to Firefox, that is not a word, but I say it is!) of the scarf, it's not noticeable. Turns out, it doesn't matter if the fabric is stretchy or not.

Okay, I took a picture of myself wearing it:

Wished I had pink thread. Oh well.
I love the peachy-pinky-coraly-fuchsiay colours of this fabric!

This was so fun to make! Freeform swirly S shapes all over the scarf and you get something cute!

So I decided to make another! I think I will give this one to my sister (which is a symbolic gesture, really, since because we live together and are the same size and both have great taste, we share all our clothes anyway). It came in a big loop, so I decided to make a necklace kind of version. If your fabric doesn't come it a loop, it would be easy enough to sew it together a-la french seam tutorial above.

And as you can probably tell by the shade of blue of that sky behind me, it's a beautiful day, so I think I will hop on my bike and take advantage of one of my very last days of summer! I'm back to school on Monday!


  1. Yay! Yay! Yay! So fun, right? And so easy! And your scarves are super duper cute! I think everyone I know is going to get these for the holidays this year. Mostly because I can't stop making them either! Cheers!

  2. I love them! They are SO fun! There is something therapeutic about those S shapes that you lazily swirl around your fabric. I think I am going to experiment with some different shapes next. I am wondering about a bunch of straight stitches vertically up the fabric. I don't know how that would look but it intrigues me!

  3. Love your results! Your photographs are fantastic as well. Now--do you suppose there is a way I could develop these into neckwear for dogs????

    Suzanne in TX

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  5. I love the ruffly look of these. I am going to make a few. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Thank you! They are SO fun to make!

    Suzanne, absolutely you could! I'd use stretchy fabric, and then just make it shorter! Your dogs will love them!

    Tammy, you are definitely going to have fun with this!

  7. Love the color of the ombre one!



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