Wednesday, August 17, 2011

August Break: Little Ochie

After our final school visit today, we stopped at a little town called Little Ochie on the south shore. We had fresh-caught fish for lunch again, but this time we tried it jerk-style instead of fried. It was really good, but I still think the first one was better. Anyway, you place your order but it takes awhile to prepare the fish, probably 45 minutes - an hour. So in the meantime, we finally got to swim in the ocean! We went to get into the ocean, but before we did, this gaggle of little faces ran up to us saying, "Miss! Miss!! Don't go in! There's a shark!!!" We thought they were joking, but they seemed insistent. Then one of their fathers came up and said, "it's a dolphin." As soon as he said that, the kids jumped in. So did we. (P.S. There was no shark)

The kids were totally sweet, and stuck near us in the water, telling us their names, and who ranked where in terms of age, and where they lived (one family just in front of us at the beach, their cousins down past the bend in the beach a way down.) Then they started doing backflips and tricks and stuff, and kept calling us for our attention: "Miss!!! Miss!!! Watch me!!" So cute. And when we got a little too far out, they called us back in because they could tell where the current was because it would kick up the sand underneath and turn a stripe of the water a bit brownish. They were very concerned about us.

I think this was my favourite moment on our trip. The kids were so sweet, and it was great to just experience that moment of fun with them.

Little Ochie.

It's a fishing village.

Frying up some fish.

These are a fruit called guineps. You can buy them from roadside sellers. You peel them and then pop the flesh in your mouth and try to dissolve the flesh from the large pit inside. They taste good and are addictive. I couldn't really describe the taste... kind of like a grape, but different.

Jerk fish.

Little Ochie.

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I'm participating in the August Break.

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