Friday, August 12, 2011

August Break: Made it!

Made it to Jamaica in one piece... It's 10 to 11pm right now and I've been travelling since 1am yesterday, and I'm in pretty good shape, considering.

We walked over from our hotel to Emancipation Park today, a park that honours the emancipation of the slaves. There's a little pop up music fesitval going on there. The Jamaicans assumed it was because this is around the time of Jamaica's indepdence. Before that, we went for jerk chicken! It was quite an authentic experience. AND extremely, EXTREMELY delicious. I am glad I got a typhoid shot before I left (food-borne illness), that's for sure.

While I'm here, I'll try to post more than one picture per day if I have time.

Norman Manley Airport.

We arrived to torrential downpours.
People waiting at the airport to be picked up. You had to go outside.
There was no option to stay inside.

My hotel room.

The jerk stand.

Inside the jerk cookhouse. It was SO smokey in there!!!

Waiting in line for my jerk.

Jerk chicken and roasted breadfruit.

The music festival.
 I think they are wrapping up the festival right now. It was neat to go and hear reggae music, but I can hear it clear as day through my hotel window, so I am hoping they might let me have a bit of rest. Tomorrow's not a working day, and we are going to go see a movie called Ghett'a Life, which is a film about kids in some pretty rough neighbourhoods here in Kingston.

Okay, reggae's done! Time for bed!

I'm participating in the August Break.

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