Saturday, August 13, 2011

August Break: Ghett'a Life

Guess what?!

This is my 100th post!

Anyway, that aside, here are today's pictures coming up soon. First, though, we went to a premiere of a Jamaican-made film today called Ghett'a Life. I would highly highly highly recommend you see this film if it comes to North America/the rest of the world. It was totally fantastic. It was pretty neat to be at the film premiere, too, because at the end they had a bit of a Q&A, and the film's stars stood up from the audience (we didn't know they were there) and just walked up and answered some questions! I was a little starstruck, to be honest!

So I'm going to throw the trailer here so you can get a quick glimpse. We are hoping to get a DVD of the movie next year during our school-twinning project so we can show our students a glimpse of what life is like in some of Kingston's inner city neighbourhoods.

After the movie, we went to Devon House, a national historic site for lunch, and then had their famous Devon ice cream!

Views from my hotel room

Those trees with orange flowers are in Emancipation Park.

Again from my hotel room.

I found a lizard in the bathroom. I think I scared him as much as he scared me!

The movie theatre.

Curry goat with rice and peas for lunch. It was really good!

Me and Lisa at the ice cream shop.

Devon House.
FYI, the story goes something like this: Devon House belonged to a wealthy black man named Mr. Devon just after slavery was abolished. He was a big philanthropist and the country made his house into a historic site.

I'm participating in the August Break.

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