Monday, August 15, 2011

August Break: School Visits

Today was a full day. First we visited the Ministry of Education at the Jamaican Prime Minister's Office. Next up was the Canadian Embassy to visit the staff there.

The most interesting part of our day was a visit to two schools - Eltham High School in Spanish Town, and Excelsior in Kingston. This was extremely enlightening, to see the differences (and similarities) between schools in Canada and schools in Jamaica.

The Canadian Embassy in Kingston. We were officially on Canadian soil today!
It was very strange seeing a Canadian flag next to a palm tree.

This is Eltham. The hallways are outside.

There are 40 - 50 kids per class.
This is Excelsior now.

Part of the school yard at Excelsior.

Some boys after football camp at the school.

There is no glass in the doors or windows. Classrooms are totally open to the elements.

I cannot get over these goats. They just wander wherever they please!
But someone told me today that they go home to their owners at night!

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I'm participating in the August Break.

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