Sunday, August 14, 2011

August Break: Hellshire

They say it like "Elle-shur." It's a little fishing village about 30 minutes outside of Kingston, and this morning we all hopped in the Ministry of Education SUVs and went there for breakfast.

The photos will tell the story: it is beautiful, rustic, and unbelievably hot.

This is the "restaurant" we ate at.
The kitchen.

The cooks preparing the food.

The fish frying. Pretty much all Jamaican restaurants use wood fire.

A fish shack.

A little shop. "Jelly" is what they call coconut water.

A pretty awesome looking man selling conch.

Men scaling the fish.

A fish shack.

Me and my breakfast: fried parrot fish, festival (a fried dough), and bammy (a fried cake made of cassava root)

A man selling jelly. We bought some. It tasted very refreshing.
 That fish, caught fresh that morning, was probably the MOST delicious fish I've ever had in my entire life. Truth!

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I'm participating in the August Break.

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