Thursday, August 18, 2011

August Break: Ocho Rios

Today we drove up to the north coast to Ocho Rios. It was a long and winding drive through the mountains, but it was worth it! It has been really great that through our school visits and our day trips, we've gotten to see a lot of different parts to Jamaica.

Once we got to Ocho Rios, we climbed Dunn Falls. When they told us we'd be "hiking the falls," I imagined that we'd be hiking up alongside a river to some waterfalls. Nope. You actually rent water shoes and CLIMB the falls. It was really, really fun.

Rio Cobre, in the mountains.

A roadside food stand.

The Falls.

The beach at Ocho Rios.

A sweet little girl swimming.

Climbing the Falls.

I'm participating in the August Break.

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